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A Matter of Taste

  • Bar magic at its best
  • You'll always know the freely selected card 'By tasting it' apparently
  • Simple to do
  • Cards are not marked
  • No re-set

Note from Martin:

An unusual card trick, with a novel theme that you'll love performing.Cards are beautifully printed onto Bicycle Stock by USPC, supplied with a small plastic carrying wallet and easy top follow instructions. What a great little packet card trick this is. A set of eight cards are shown, each has a picture of a popular drink beautifully printed onto its face. The cards are turned down and given a little mix, any chosen drink is revealed in a novel way - using one finger, the performer tastes the back of the card and names the drink. This can be repeated over and over, each time the correct drink is named. Pretending to hear a spectator say they must be marked, the performer, now has a drink selected and instantly placed under a beer mat (or similar), There's no way the performer can see the card, yet by tasting the vapors above the mat, the drink is named. All handed for thorough examination and as close as they want to look, there are no markings at all to be found.
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Tags Easy Magic
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