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Mix & Match by Martin MacMillan

  • Close up prediction using brass caps & regular coins
  • Three presentations, all equally baffling
  • A complete sell out on its introduction at the 2018 Blackpool Magic Convention
  • Beautifully made gimmick

Three brass caps and three different coins are given for thorough examination. The Magician places a small wallet containing both an instruction and prediction onto the table. Turning away, the magician instructs the spectator to cover all three coins, with all three caps, in any order. The spectator now mixes the caps around so no one knows the order of the coins beneath. This done, the Magician turns to face the audience, removes the instruction card from the wallet and them magician or spectator read it aloud. It instructs the spectator to change the places of certain caps, without lifting them. The magician then removes the prediction card from the wallet, the spectator lifts the caps, the prediction matches the order of the coins exactly.

Excellent magic that's easy to perform. Nothing is added or taken away, only one prediction is used, resets in a moment ready to perform again.
Note: This is made to use with regular 2p, 10p & £2 coins - the coins are not supplied.
This trick was released at the 2018 Blackpool Magic Convention where it was a complete sell out, since then we have introduced other routines and methods and the trick is now supplied with three presentations. The original using a printed prediction (as shown in the video demonstration) plus two other routines using a duplicate set of coins that are simply placed on top of the relevant caps as a prediction.
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