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Brain Box

  • An unusual box, an unusual effect
  • Predict two thought of cards in a most novel way
  • They'll think you read their minds

A most unusual card trick - where the case is covered with images of playing cards. A pack of cards is inside the case and it's all simply handed to a spectator to choose any card from the outside of the case. It's then handed to another spectator, who also chooses a card. The magician then proceeds to reveal both cards, in two uniquely different ways.

The first card - the magician proceeds to read the mind of the spectator, not only naming their card, but then proves it to be missing from the deck and actually in the magician's pocket.
The second card however, is in the deck. But when it's removed and turned over, it's seen to have a Red Back while the entire remainder of the entire deck are Blue Back.
Two great tricks in one that can be performed individually or together in a single performance.
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