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Mike O'Brien Lecture - DVD

  • One of Britain's master magicians presents his versions of classics, including
  • Open Travellers
  • Multiple Card Location
  • Cutting The Aces - plus many others

Mike O'Brien has been preforming professionally and lecturing for the magic fraternity throughout the past 50 years. During that time, he has mixed with the greats of magic and being a professional magician, has ironed out classic routines in his own way. He has lectured for us many times, but never allowed it to be recorded. On this occasion, his final lecture before retiring, Mike finally succumbed to our continual requests to allow the lecture to be recorded. I'm proud to say, that lecture is now added to our range of DVDs.

Routines covered along with many of Mike's own tips and thoughts are:
Cutting The Aces
Turning Heads
Diamond Bar
Copper & Silver
$1.50 vanish
Elbow, Knee & Neck
Not Another Oil & Water
Colour Sensitivity
Automatic Triumph
Philius's Three Object Divination
Centre Tear (easy read)
Gemini Quads
Multiple Card Location
Open Travellers
Cards Up The Sleeve
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