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The Gary Kurtz 1st & 2nd Lecture DVDs

£17.00 - £31.00
  • Two of the best DVDs you'll find on Card & Coin magic
  • Available individually, or together at a special price
  • Includes Gary's best known magic routines
  • These lectures are packed with tips, moves and routines

Note from Martin:

These DVDs are recordings of Gary Kurtz giving lectures at the International Magic Convention in London. Both contain some of the most powerful close up magic you'll ever see. Gary proved himself a worthy winner of our famous International Magic Competition in 1991 and then went on to give a lecture that had his audience engrossed, enlightened and entertained.  That first lecture was so incredible that we just had to record a follow up. The 1st DVD is a full recording of the 1st lecture (from 1991), the 2nd DVD contains his follow up lecture on Gary's return to London and the MacMillan Convention.


The 1st Lecture

When released in 1992, the 1st lecture video was an instant hit. The performance, tips & explanations Gary shows during it give credit to the title of his book at the time, 'Unexplainable Acts'. He demonstrates how his incredible card & coin routines should be performed, explaining the sleights & moves in detail along the way.

This video begins with the performance Gary gave as he won our 1991 Close Up Competition. At around the 16 minute mark, the lecture begins, and it begins in style - with performance and explanation of some of the most powerful magic you'll see. Routines are shown with charisma, then explained with extra detail on a variety of moves.

Contents of the 1st lecture are:-

Hypethetical Possibilities: A novel time travel routine incorporating a signed playing card

Card in Nest of Envelopes: As the title suggests, a selected, signed card appears inside a nest of envelopes. It uses ordinary envelopes, they're are handed to a spectator at the start, and the loading method is clever, very clever and it's so clean.

Cheeky Load: A card to inside jacket pocket that you'll love and use

Coin Production & Coins Across: A coin produced at the fingertips, multiplies to three. They vanish, appear again, travel one by one from hand to hand, then vanish in a flash.

Sure in Credit: Two person mentalism, where one spectator finds another's chosen card.

Flurious: The expanding/reducing coin routine that Gary performed in his competition act, here's the explanation. It finishes with a production of a giant coin, and it finishes the lecture with a well deserved standing ovation. 

These are great routines, they're fully explained with many tips and much detail of the moves required. This is a great video that you'll watch again and again.

(Duration: approx 88 minutes) 

The 2nd Lecture
This DVD contains material covering a variety of ideas & routines, fully explained in his unique, entertaining and accessible style.
Contents of the 2nd lecture are...
Blind selection of the 4 aces, followed by their assembly in a spectators pocket!
Signed Card into box (incredible)
3 way Spellbound
An hilarious sugar routine
Knife through body
An impossible prediction
Plus so much more practical magic.
Canadian born, Gary Kurtz is without doubt one of the world's leading exponents of Close-Up Magic. His approach has always been logical, his magic awesome, his lectures are informative and his performance is entertaining. These DVDs are a joy to watch. 
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