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Diverting Card Magic - Book by Andrew Galloway

  • A how to book on Misdirection in card magic
  • Vital for all close up magicians
  • Includes routines with inbuilt misdirection

Diverting Card Magic - Back In Print

Misdirection is a fundamental skill used by the magician. It's often overlooked, being frequently seen but never noticed. If, as a magician, you want your audience to be truly amazed, the sooner you study and implement this secret weapon, the better.

This is a book on Misdirection as used in card magic. It's a book you'll study and refer to again and again, it's vital reading for any performer intent on improving their performance in close up magic, particularly card magic. 

In the pages of this hard back book, Andrew Galloway goes into great detail on where, when & how to use Misdirection in your routines.

He begins by explaining how Misdirection should be applied in some of the necessary card sleights 'The Palm', 'The Double Lift', 'The Glide'. 'The Pass' & 'The Top Change' (important moves for the card magician and it's vital that all moves go unnoticed in performance). He then proceeds with practical routines, explaining and including the appropriate Misdirection, with comments at the end of each concerning where, why & how it's implemented.


Routines explained are

A Trick For Jack Avis

The Bluff Force

The Bluff Colour Changing Pack

The Horowitz Variation

One, Two, Three, Four Aces

Do As Al Baker Did

Rosini's Legacy

Flying Solo

The Fib Finder

A Regular Brainwave

The Undercover Cards

Just A Drop


This is more than just a book of tricks, the intention here is that you study and understand why the Misdirection works and that you, the reader, continue to utilise this in other routines you may be performing.




"A must have for anyone seriously interested in studying misdirection as applied to card magic" - Jerry Sadowitz


“A clear & intensive course on misdirection with cards.  A wonderful book.” - Caspar Thomas.


For those searching for the real secrets of performing magic, the theory books are vital reading. This is one such book and should be at the top of your list for essential reading.


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