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The Magic of John Ramsay Vol. 1 by Andrew Galloway (Streamed Video)

  • John Ramsay's magic, clearly taught by his only pupil, Andrew Galloway
  • Includes his classic Cylinder & Coins
  • Six Card Repeat
  • Cards To Pocket
  • and many others

Note from Martin:

Martin's notes...

I was fortunate to be among the 4 people who watched Andrew performing and explaining the Magic of John Ramsay, it remains among the most memorable, magical experiences I have ever had. So much intricacy is contained within the creation of these routines, all are designed to look natural and effortless. The aim of this recording is not to just teach some great tricks, it's to influence your thinking in all the magic you perform, I know it did mine and I'm eternally grateful for the experience.


John Ramsay was known among his peers as the 'Master of Misdirection'. During his life, he would frequently baffle and amaze both his fellow magicians and the public. His magic effects were original and powerful, they were also constructed with misdirection built into them.

We're fortunate that John Ramsay had one pupil, and that pupil was Andrew Galloway. On this lecture, Andrew takes us through both performance and instruction of the repertoire of John Ramsay's magic, then at the conclusion, we're treated an in depth talk on 'The Real Secrets of Misdirection' by Andrew Galloway.
This is Volume 1 and contains...
The Triple Restoration
Cups & Balls
Cylinder & Coins
Ramsay Colour Change
Cards to Pocket
Puzzling Thimble
Cut & Restored Rope
Slow Motion Coin Vanish
Five Thimble Production
Six Card Repeat

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. John Ramsay Magic vol.1

Media Type Digital Lesson

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