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The Dave Campbell Legacy - Book

  • Commercial Card Magic by one of Scotland's most creative magicians
  • A superb book for all card workers
  • Foreword by Gordon Bruce
  • Written by Peter Duffie

Note from Martin:

Full of extremely powerful card magic requiring the minimum of effort, this'll be one of the best magic books you'll ever read. If you have mastered basic card handling skills, then this book is perfect to increase your repertoire.  
With recommendations by Roy Walton, Gordon Bruce, Andrew Galloway & Jerry Sadowitz among other great magicians, the quality of close-up magic contained within the pages of this book, is second to none. The routines are mainly card based and assume the reader already knows basic card handling skills, but that is all - if you can handle a pack of cards - this book will teach you some of the most powerful routines you'll ever come across and they'll go straight into your performance.
Chapter One - Foreword by Gordon Bruce
Chapter Two - Biography
Chapter Three - Tricks with normal playing cards
Three Cards Across
Dave's Premonition
Simplex Premonition
Automatic Speller
Surprise Sandwich
Mix 'n' Match
Chinese Prediction
Coincidental Transposition
Everywhere and Nowhere
The Defectors
Swap Round Aces
About Turn
Jokers to Aces
Joker Special
Performing Aces
Thought Anticipated
Chapter Four - Packet Tricks with extra or Faked Cards
Transpo Dots
All Change
Your Card, My Card
The Traveller
Dave's Dotty Spots
Dave's Oil & Water
Transpo Print
Irish Poker Hand
All The Cannibals
Beyond Belief
Three Blanks Routine
Highly Progressive Jokers
Highly Sensitized Cards
Alcohol Monte
Houdini Escapes
The Grow More - Grow Less Card
Chapter Five - Tricks with Extra or Faked Cards (except packet tricks)
Super Transposition
Stamp Duty
Infallible Prediction
Cards to Pocket
Lay Travellers
Cards Through a Newspaper
The Original 'Fred' Trick
Blank Astonishment
Direct Transfer
An Open Prediction
Card In Wallet
Super Optica
Magnetic Ink
Gen Prediction
Chapter Six - Miscellaneous Tricks (without playing cards)
Ring Road
Observation Test
Triple Surprise
Silk 'n' Tumblers
Chapter Seven - Card Sleights
Top Card Break (single handed)
Modified Second Deal
Bottom Palm to Right Hand
Thumb Palm Change
Chapter Eight - Tributes to Dave Campbell
Gavin Ross
Val Le-Val
Roy Walton
Andrew Galloway
Bill McBrinn
Dave Robertson
430 Pages Hardbound written by Peter Duffie with illustrations by R Paul Wilson.
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