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Gary Kurtz 2nd Lecture (Streamed Video)

  • Packed with practical, commercial magic
  • Tips on moves
  • Thoughts on psychology
  • Carefully constructed routines

Note from Martin:

These are Martin's notes...

When Gary Kurtz attended first came to London for our MacMillan Magic Convention, he made a huge impact, walking away with 1st prize in our close up competition, performing at the convention, and giving a lecture that had the audience demanding his return. The return did happen, and in 1995 once again Gary gave an outstanding lecture, an incredible Close-Up performance and a magnificent presentation in our Gala Show. Once again, and fortunately for the magic world, the lecture was recorded, that lecture is now available and ready to watch in full.

Gary begins the lecture with a powerful performance of his Amplified Ace Assembly - This has to be one of the strongest versions of an Ace Assembly you'll ever see. Four random selected cards are shown to be the four aces, one ace is given to a spectator along with three other cards to keep in their pocket. As in usual Ace assembly style, one by one the three remaining Aces vanish, the tips on performance here are immense, no wonder this seems such an incredible routine. When the final Ace has vanished, the spectator removes the cards from his pocket to reveal the Four Aces have arrived. The routine finishes clean and Gary's into his next performance...

Card To Box - A signed card appears folded inside the card box. This looks impossible, but Gary covers everything in detail and in the explanation you soon get to realise the thought that goes into his performance. It's practical too and resets the moment you finish, making it ideal for professional performance.

A Multiple Spellbound is next. With lots of detail and handling tips, Gary shows and explains a beautiful coin routine that keeps the audience speechless.

Sugar Transposition - Sugar is poured from a small packet, it vanishes re-appearing from various parts of the body and eventually back inside the original empty packet. On repeat, it appears in a spectator's sleeve.

Thoughts Across - A Premonition style routine, where two thought of Red Backed Cards vanish from their pack only to appear inside a Blue Pack held by another spectator.

Bill in Cigarette - As with all Gary's Magic, this is more than just a Bill In Cigarette. A banknote with its corner removed is put inside an envelope, A cigarette, a match and a lighter are all vanished in a comical routine. The lighter appears inside a chosen spectator's cigarette packet, the cigarette is inside the lighter, the match and finally the banknote are all inside the cigarette. This is powerful magic that's been carefully constructed and fully explained.

Slow Motion Queen Assembly - it's excellent, Four Queens progressively vanish and appear together (performance only, not explained)

Impromptu Knife Through Body - The title says it all, a great party piece.

Ghost Writer - Gary shows how to use his gimmick to great effect in a Lottery Prediction. A mentalist's dream

Confabulation - An excellent variation influenced by Maurice Fogel & Alan Shaxon. An imaginary envelope appears with a thought of number written on it and a named card inside.

A fantastic lecture, packed with information, detail on moves and thoughts on psychology and misdirection. The audience speaks for itself, and the reaction is huge!

Duration approximately 80 minutes

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Kary Kurtz 2nd Lecture

Media Type Digital Lesson

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