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Marked Playing Cards

£7.50 - £32.00
  • Ultimate Marked Deck Blue Bicycle: £32.00 (Out of Stock)
  • DMC Elite Forest Green: £17.00 (Out of Stock)
  • Various marked decks of cards
  • A great magician's accessory
  • Read all the cards from their backs

Various marked cards are and have been on the market for many years. Here we offer a variety for use by professional and amateur magicians.

The Ultimate Marked Deck is printed on quality Bicycle Playing Cards by the U.S.P.C.C. these are a quality marked card used by professional magicians in close up magic.
The 505 Marked cards are printed in Spain by the Fournier Company. The markings are hidden into the standard 505 design using a system similar to that devised by the magician, Ted Lesley. A quality marked deck that's easy to read, often used by magicians working stage or cabaret venues. (available only in Red Back)
The Marked & Stripped Deck: This is a useful pack in that it's both a Marked & Stripper in one pack. We supply our instruction leaflet showing various effects for the stripper deck, plus you have instructions on how to read the markings. This deck is made in Bridge Size cards and is ideal for the amateur magician who wants a special pack to do a variety of tricks.
The DMC Elite Forest Green Marked Cards are unique, in that the markings are hidden in the design like a maze. When you are familiar, you can instantly read the card, even at a distance. This a clever method of marking (this version released by DMC in October 2018). Also now available the Elite V (version 5)
The Resurrected Deck is designed by the expert British Mentalist, Peter Turner. With added artwork by Phil Smith (creator of the DMC Elites), this pack speaks quality through and through. Pete Turner's ingenious marking system allows the performer to read the cards, yet is extremely well hidden from the spectator. This is a special pack of cards designed with performers in mind.
The Superior Brand are an excellent marked deck and probably our best value marked deck. Available only in red, these are a quality pack printed by the Expert Playing Card Co. The system is quick and easy to read, yet extremely well hidden in the back design. Also (while available) included free with orders for the Superior Brand, is a set of specially printed fake cards allowing many tricks and routines to be performed with the pack. Note: We have a limited number of fakes for the Superior Brand and they are included free while stocks last.
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£7.50 - £32.00
  • Ultimate Marked Deck Blue Bicycle: £32.00 (Out of Stock)
  • DMC Elite Forest Green: £17.00 (Out of Stock)