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Invisible Pack (Invisible Deck) - Standard Bicycle & Jumbo Invisible Deck

£7.50 - £21.50
  • Jumbo Bicycle: £21.50 (Out of Stock)
  • Any named card is found face down in a pack of cards
  • Made with Bicycle Playing cards and our special formula
  • Powerful magic for all magicians

Note from Martin:

Ideal for use in the routine where an invisible pack of cards is thrown to an audience member - many gags come to mind as the imaginary cards are shuffled, a card is dropped etc. Eventually, when the imaginary cards are returned, the magician brings the 'Invisible Deck' into view. Now, whatever imaginary card that was chosen and reversed by a spectator, is found to be the only card that really is reversed as the deck is spread.Available as either regular size Bicycle Deck, or as Jumbo Invisible Deck.
(Video footage shows the Jumbo Invisible Deck)
The Invisible Pack (Invisible Deck) by Don Alan One is of the most incredible card tricks you'll ever use, these are a quality version in Bicycle Cards and work better than ever. Any card merely named is seen to be the only face down card, in a face up pack. The pack can be in full view all the time and no sleight of hand is required. A miracle in card magic.
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£7.50 - £21.50
  • Jumbo Bicycle: £21.50 (Out of Stock)