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Any Queen Called For

  • Mental magic using playing cards
  • Supplied with various routines
  • Spectator always predicts the upturned card
  • Can be repeated over & over without set up

With this set of cards a variety of tricks are possible. Here's an example - The magician places an envelope onto the table and claims 'There are four cards inside, each one is a Queen but only one of them is reversed'. A spectator is requested to name a Queen - free choice, no force - the cards are removed from the envelope and spread, the named Queen is the only one reversed (face up, while all other cards are face down). That was a one in four chance' the magician explains and then proceeds to repeat the trick. The same statement is made, any Queen is named, yet the outcome is always the correct. There are no outs, no sleight of hand and only four cards are used. What's more, this can be repeated as often as you like, the prediction is always correct and gets more and more baffling each time. Comes with instructions for performing this and various other card tricks.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Performed this recently for some friends numerous times. Never go to the pub without it.

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