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Alice Book Test by Josh Zandman

  • A Book Test you can carry in your pocket
  • Clever & unique method
  • Can be handled and examined by spectator

Note from Martin:

When I first saw this Book Test, I looked through wondering what the method was. When I checked out the working, I thought that's ingenious. This really is something you'll want to and enjoy performing.The book is Alice in Wonderland, the creator is Josh Zandman, the method is incredible. 
The printed book is given for thorough examination, the entire story could be read (if time permitted). The magician, flicking through the book, asks a spectator to glance a word from the top of a stopped at page. It's a free choice, there is no force, yet immediately and without fishing, the magician knows the chosen word. Can be repeated immediately, can be thoroughly examined. 
You're supplied with a paperback book of Alice in Wonderland, plus the online tuition. But, this is extremely easy to learn, and easy to carry around ready to perform anywhere, anytime.
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