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The Darkest Corners Book - Ben Hart

  • A book by upcoming star, Ben Hart
  • Thoughts on show development, film & projection
  • Plus some great professional routines

A book by rising star, Ben Hart. This beautiful book that concentrates on Parlour Magic, is much more than just a book of tricks. It contains in-depth thinking about magic and performance, there's essays on developing a show, with thoughts on film and projection. 

You may wonder how someone at his young age could have such knowledge and advice to give. But if you've seen Ben perform, watched him on Television, or sat and talk with him, then you know the professionalism that oozes from him. 
It's no coincidence that he was awarded 'Young Magician of The Year' 2007 by the Magic Circle, that he was a finalist of BGT 2019 (in my mind, he was the outright winner), or that he's been chosen as magical advisor on so many shows. He knows his magic and knows how to perform it, and when you read his book, I think you will agree, he really does have talent!
Included among many other routines are these gems:
A Shot in the Dark: A ghost-story-esque presentation that Ben uses to captivate his audience. Using only a box of matches and involving a spectator who locates the only burned match.
Melocoton: A signed silk transforms with the pit of a peach, inside the peach!
Incubation: The 'Egg On Fan' routine that Ben used to such acclaim in one of his performances in BGT
Nuts: A prediction done in a very novel way, inside a walnut.
Hart to Hofzinser: A chosen card appears rolled inside a wedding which they are holding.
The Human Lottery Machine: A powerful Lottery prediction.
Over 300 pages, hardbound with many full colour photographs
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