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Very Hush-Hush by John Bannon

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  • Forty card tricks with a mental slant
  • Little to no sleight of hand required
  • Impossible location effects
  • Prediction tricks
  • Bannon's take on 'The Magic Square'
  • An easy to read book that's full of great magic

A quality hardbound book by one of the most creative of modern magicians. Full of tricks that require minimum sleights, for maximum effect, and with a slant towards mentalism.


Chapter 1 - Parts Of The Sum

Nailing The Magic Square
Cloud Nine
London Calling
Sum Kind Of Wonderful
Sweet Sixteen
Geek Squad
Prime Directive (Feng Shui)


Chapter 2 - Karmaholic

Talking Sense
Pre-Determinant ll
Triplicity 2020
Digital Clock Warp
Trick Question
The Untouchables
No, No, No, ... Maybe, Yes


Chapter 3 - Ghost In The Machine

Vicinity: Quite Contrary
Vicinity: 'Vogue This Way
Vicinity: Don't Think Twice
Vicinity: Prophet Margin
Right On The Money
Stoned Soul Picnic
Liars Al Fresco


Chapter 4 - Thoughtological

Mate Accompli OG
Epically Mental
Prophet Motive lll
Ouija Prediction 2021
On The Border


Chapter 5 - Singularities

Bank Job
OMG Super Morigami!
OMG: Raising The Dead
Las Cruces Force
Talk The 'Vogue
Rock The 'Vogue
Rock The 'Vogue O.G.

More than 250 pages, this hardbound has plenty of photographs assisting the in depth descriptions, and finishes with a chapter about the author. Very Hush-Hush is a must for all card magicians

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