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Self Working Series Of Magic Books - Karl Fulves

£9.50 - £10.50
  • My Best Card Tricks: £10.50 (Out of Stock)
  • Easy magic
  • Individual titles
  • Baffling effects

Self Working Magic Trick Books - Karl Fulves, this is an excellent series of books, each contains a collection of self working (no sleight of hand) tricks on the titled subject.The tricks are all easy to perform, yet incredibly baffling. Karl Fulves is recognised among the magic fraternity as one of the world's most knowledgeable magicians. He has written many books and magazines and these are treasured by professional and amateur magicians the world over. This series of books are among those treasured, for although the titles of the books are 'Self Working', the contents can be miracles in the right hands. You can choose any of these books from the drop down menu...

Self Working Card Tricks
Self Working Coin Tricks
Self Working Rope Magic
Self Working Mental Magic
Self Working Close-Up Card Magic
Self Working Handkerchief Magic
Self Working Table Magic
My Best Self Working Card Tricks
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£9.50 - £10.50
  • My Best Card Tricks: £10.50 (Out of Stock)