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Omnibus - Ambitious Card Book by Daryl

  • Daryl's Ambitious Card routine in detail
  • Includes bonus details on moves
  • Award winning magic

Daryl's version of the Ambitious Card earned him the most coveted prize in Card Magic, first place at FISM Lausanne in 1982.

His book Omnibus, contains all of the material published originally in 1987, plus a bonus chapter on 'Ultimate Ambition', the climax to his original routine. In this book, you have in-depth detail on The Ambitious Card effect, as performed by one of magic's most accomplished magicians, Daryl.
Daryl's Omnibus gives you everything you need to know for Daryl's Ambitious Card Miracle, plus so much more including detail on...
The Double Turnover
Double Lift Build Up
The Bluff Pass
Colour Change
The Pop-Up Card
Center Double Lift
Hofzinser Spread Pass
Signed With Suspicion
The Tip Over Change
Tabled Ambition
Ambitious Move
The Kagemusha Principle
Paintbrush Change
The Impromptu Duplicate
Tip Over Change
Ambitious Miracle Change
Outjog Change
Screened Leipzig Pass
Ultra Move
Plus so much more
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