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Al Schneider - Magic Book

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  • Original Thinking
  • Packed with tricks

Note from Martin:

Al Schneider is one of the modern day thinkers of magic, famous for his creation of the Matrix routine, here he shows how creative he really is.
This book is packed with useable, there's chapters of ideas and routines with coins, cards, cups & balls, finger rings, bracelets, napkins and so much more. 
This book is packed with practical magic ideas - full of tricks you can do anywhere anytime with ordinary objects and tricks that need a little more set up. There's theory, moves, quick tricks, card tricks and Al Schneider's favorite tricks. Something for everyone who loves magic.In the world of magic literature, where there's an abundance of the ordinary, every so often, a book comes along that clearly stands out from the rehashed and recycled norm. A book that, even on casual perusal, demands to be studied for a lifetime. This is such a book.
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