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Zombie - The Floating Ball (and Mini Zombie)

£11.00 - £25.00
Only 2 left!
  • The mysterious floating ball illusion
  • Close up size or stage size
  • A beautiful performance piece

Note from Martin:

Also available for Close-Up performers, we have a miniature version that's a small glitter ball and ordinary handkerchief (handkerchief not supplied)The Zombie Floating Ball is a true classic of visual magic which can be performed on the largest fully lighted stage or in a small drawing room!

The effect of the solid ball levitating & floating at the magicians command has an unbelievable impact on any audience, as the gleaming silver ball floats all around the stage, seemingly lighter than air. ;Eventually, the ball floats back to rest.

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£11.00 - £25.00
Only 2 left!