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Vanni Bossi Lecture DVD

  • Borrowed ring in lightbulb
  • Signed card to box
  • Hot Matrix
  • Wind up card rise

This DVD is proving extremely popular since the release of the 'Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi' book by Stephen Minch. A name known to us at International Magic for many years, Vanni Bossi is at last being awarded the recognition his magic deserves.

On this lecture DVD you'll learn some excellent and original close up magic. ;Ideas using cards & coins plus the brilliant 'borrowed ring inside light bulb' that amazed the audience when Vanni presented the lecture (also includes his Close-Up Competition performance).
There's his variation of 'Hanging Coins',
A Signed Card to Box
Hot Matrix (A Chink-A-Chink routine with burning flames)
Oriental Silver Transposition
Wind Up Card Rise (plus other great methods)
Card In Glass
A version of Tosheroon
Mercury Fold Variation
Card to Wallet (no gimmick)
Ring In Lightbulb
Duration Approx 65 minutes
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