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Vanishing Cane - Plastic

  • Vanish of a full size magician's cane
  • Can be performed inside a rolled newspaper
  • Cane can also transform into silks

The Vanishing Cane is a professional magician's prop. Originally made from metal, the plastic version was created by the magician Fantasio from Argentina. Since then, the plastic version has become the more popular, being more forgiving and easier to handle than its metal equivalent. 

Although Fantasio canes are no longer produced, many other manufactured versions are. We have, over many years, tried various models and we believe these to be the closest to the quality of the original Fantasio canes.
Note: We do not recommend this as a beginners magic trick. The canes take some handling and much practice is required. Also, Appearing & Vanishing canes are designed for use by stage performers and not suitable for Close-Up situations.
Available as a Black Cane with White Cap & Tip
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