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Handsome Jack - John Lovick

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  • Twenty Stand Up/Close Up routines
  • Scripts, History & Commentary
  • Development & Performance

This book, printed in Autumn 2016, sold out within 2 months, having been acclaimed as the book of the year by many magicians. Fortunately, we now have some back in stock.

The book contains the writings of John Lovick as Handsome Jack. It's both humorous and instructive, containing essays, scripts, histories & performance.
This book begins with a Foreword by John Lovick, a Preface by Handsome Jack & an Intro by Penn & Teller. ;
I then proceeds into a section on Openers, a large section on Centre Pieces and finishing with a section on Closers.
210 pages Hardback illustrated
Media Type Shipped Product
Only 1 left!