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Diverting Coin Magic Book - Andrew Galloway

  • A treatise on Misdirection
  • Detailed Coin Sleights
  • Original Coin Magic Routines

Note from Martin:

Diverting Coin Magic is dedicated to John Ramsay, Andrew's mentor.
It is from John Ramsay that Andrew learnt the true secrets of misdirection, we're fortunate to have those secrets past directly to us through Andrew's writings.
Diverting Coin Magic is a book by Andrew Galloway that was originally written and released in 2006. Since the original print sold out, the book has been much sought after and we're now pleased to announce that it's been re-printed and is now available. This beautiful hardbound book contains 117 pages in which you are treated to an in-depth study on misdirection as used in Coin Magic.
Andrew begins the book with an essay on misdirection as applied to coin magic, he then proceeds with an explanation of sleights required in performance and continues with routines. At the conclusion of each routine there's a summary with comments on misdirection. Here Andrew dissects how the misdirection, that was planned and used during the routine, works.
Contents include:-
Misdirection as Applied to Coin Magic
Finger Palm
High Finger Palm
Lower Finger Palm
Thumb Palm
Classic Palm
Ramsay Concealment
Drop Switch
Utility Switch
Throw Vanish
Pegasus Coin
Cut-Price Copper and Silver
Subterranean Silver
British Gadabout Coins
The Scrupulous Stack
Koran's Romany Coin Trick
Coins of The Realm
This book is intended to teach you more than just moves and routines for coin magic. It's purpose is to make you think deeply about your routines, to construct them in a way that baffles your audience - so that everything looks natural. Then your performance will take a step up, and the magic will happen seamlessly.
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