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Card Magic Of LePaul

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Note from Martin:

Le Paul was one of the 20th century's most admired card technicians, here you have the opportunity to study his magic, moves and routines. With more than 200 pages, this book uses descriptive photographs of Paul Le Paul's hands in the explanation of his flourishes, sleights & routines.
Chapter 1: The Pass
Chapter 2: The Side Steal
Chapter 3: Palming
Chapter 4: A Useful Acquitment
Chapter 5: Double Lift
Chapter 6: Changes
Chapter 7: False Dealing
Chapter 8: Controls
Chapter 9: False Shuffles
Chapter 10: Flourishes
Chapter 11: Simplicity - The Key To Good Magic
Chapter 12: How Close Can You Watch?
Chapter 13: Deceptive Perception
Chapter 14: Mistaken Identity
Chapter 15: Substitution Envelope Mystery & One Eyed Jacks
Chapter 16: A Magical Transposition
Chapter 17: A Paradox of Pairs
Chapter 18: An Unexpected Climax
Chapter 19: A Perfect Stop Effect
Chapter 20: Torn & Restored Card (Impromptu)
Chapter 21: Quadruplicate Mystery
Chapter 22: Colour Segregation
Chapter 23: Deft Delusion
Chapter 24: Bashful Queens
Chapter 25: Reverse Card Routine
Chapter 26: Impromptu Rising Card
Chapter 27: Four Ace Transposition
Chapter 28: Hand Picked Aces
Chapter 29: Aces Up
Chapter 30: Gymnastic Aces
Chapter 31: Cards in a Sealed Envelope
A soft back book
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