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Shoot Ogawa Lecture DVD

  • Matrix Routines
  • Colour Changes
  • Edward Victor's Spellbound
  • (many other effects & routines)

This is a 75 minute lecture on state of the art Close Up Magic.

Included are...
Matrix Routines:- 4 coins mysteriously gather under one of four covering cards. ;4 Coins dis-assemble from only one playing card. Then there's a third routine where the coins completely change denomination.
Colour Change Revelation:- A chosen card is revealed visually, one spot at a time.
Over The Shoulder Techniques:- Apparently giving a spectator a backstage view of magic, Shoot produces a jumbo coin and even a coke bottle, under the most impossible conditions.
Impossible Card Location:- Shoot's performance of an incredible, yet virtuatlly self working Vernon location.
Edward Victor's Spellbound:- Including Victor's seminal sleight and other very fine touches, finishing with a transformation into a jumbo coin.
Reset:- Shoot's handling of the classic Four Aces to Kings, with the addition of a reproduction of the Aces.
Colour Change Pack:- You'll really love this fabulous version, plus there's a Triumph routine with colour separation.
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