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Denis Behr - Lecture DVD

  • Brute Force Opening
  • Tantalizer
  • Gambling Demonstration
  • Plop

Note from Martin:

Released in 2009, this DVD contains over 50 minutes of superb card magic with detailed explanation by Denis Behr. He begins with his 'Brute Force Opening', a knockout that has three powerful effects all within 80 seconds. Then works through some superb material, that's extremely effective all so practical. Excellent magic, all with a regular pack of cards.Denis Behr is now one of the world leading experts on magic, particularly on close-up magic. In his lecture on card magic, recorded at our MacMillan Magic Convention in 2008, Denis starts with a full performance of a card magic act. It consists of three powerful routines that have the audience engrossed from the start.
He then proceeds with the explanations, and here Denis goes into great detail, answering questions, showing lots of tips and explaining various moves.
His choice of routines is important, the handling of them is perfection, and the order they're shown in is vital. You don't realise how vital, until he goes through the explanation, it's only then that you understand how deeply he thinks about his magic
These routines are shown and explained:-
Brute Force Opening: Denis's opening routine, ideal for table hopping. Two cards selected are both found in unusual and unexpected ways. A great build up with direct and convincing magic.
Tantalizer: A slightly comical routine with a very convincing, yet simple method for finding the chosen card. But, there's a very important reason that Denis uses this routine here, and when he explains his reason you realize the in-depth thinking of his magic.
Gambling Demonstration: This is the climax of his performance, first he finds the Aces, then he deals winning Poker Hands, then Bridge Hands. It looks incredible, it has impact and it's all clearly explained.
Plop: Almost as an addition to the lecture, Denis shows and explains 'Plop'. A routine where any named four of a kind, are caused to penetrate and fall from the box, the remainder of the pack stay inside.
This lecture that contains so much more than just four routines though, in explaining each routine, Denis shows handling tips that only an expert would know. He demonstrates the moves he uses and explains why they're used. 
He talks about memorized decks and stack systems, oh yes, he uses stacks, but he uses them in a most unconventional way, and it's his thinking that makes him the expert that he is.
Duration Approximately 50 minutes
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