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Albert Goshman DVD

  • Classic Goshman performance
  • Includes his Salt Shaker routine
  • Rising Cards
  • Nudist Deck
  • Chink-A-Chink
  • & of course, Sponge Balls

Note from Martin:

Albert Goshman (1920 - 1991) was a regular performer at the MacMillan Convention London. Always popular, he would gather a huge crowd around his table, the applause and laughter attracting great attention. ;
Prior to becoming a professional magician, Albert was a baker in Brooklyn, New York. Beginning his career in magic, he called himself 'The Baker, That's a Faker' and in the early 1960s, he moved to the West Coast, becoming a regular performer at the Magic Castle. ;
He became famous among magicians with his 'Salt Shaker' coin routine and for manufacturing Sponge Balls. During the 1970s & 80s, he traveled the world extensively, performing and selling his wares as he did so, and he is considered responsible for the large uptake in Sponge Ball Magic.
We are fortunate to have known Al as a close friend, and to have had the opportunity to see his unique magic performance so many, many times.
Something rare and very special from our archives. Recorded in 1985 when the legendary Albert Goshman gave a full performance for a group of 200 magicians at the annual MacMillan Magic Convention in London. ;By chance, an audience member had a video camera with him (an early version) and asked permission to film the show, permission was granted and a piece of magic history was captured. Now you can watch this yourself, in the comfort of your own home. ;This is pure Goshman, perfect timing, his own unique performance style. while watching this you'll see the mis-direction (that he was so famous for) working on the spectators, follow their eyes, see their reactions and learn for yourself how a master magician controls the audience.
Routines shown are:
Salt Shaker
Sponge Balls
Coins Thru Table
Nudist Deck
Benson Bowl
Rising Cards
Duration Approximately 30 minutes
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