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3TL by Martin MacMillan

  • A simple to perform prediction trick
  • Unique method
  • No outs, Angle proof
  • Baffles both magicians & laymen

Note from Martin:

Mel Mellers said this of 3TL after he purchased it...

'A brilliant piece of entertainment that went straight into my show'

Sells on sight when demonstrated in our London shop.

This is the perfect trick for baffling people who are familiar with the standard, now classic version that uses outs (commonly known as Mind Control). The routine is deliberately similar to begin with - however, your audience soon becomes aware of the difference, then there's no going back and they'll have no idea of the method.
The ;magician begins by placing three ;playing cards, an envelope and a pen onto the table. Then, proceeding to tap each card with the pen, the magician claims to have made a prediction of one of the cards and that card is going to be the one which the spectator freely chooses. The spectator is asked to call stop at any time and then the magician hands the pen for them to read a prediction written on it. Until now, everything has followed the standard routine. However, everything changes from this point onward - they read the pen, they take a look in the envelope and they turn over the cards, three predictions read correct and the chosen card is the one predicted, it's that simple and in this trick, there really are no outs! What's more, it works 100% exactly the same every time whatever card they choose. It's simple to perform, uses an original method, this is something you'll perform again and again.
Supplied with all you need to work it right away.
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