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Invisible Thread Kit - Loops - Floating Bill - Spider Thread - I.T.R.

£8.00 - £17.00
  • Thread Kit: £10.50 (Out of Stock)
  • Floating Tricks
  • Animated effects
  • Thread only or in a spool
  • ITR & Loops

Note from Martin:

There are many tricks using invisible thread and in this section we have a variety of sets of thread, these include a dispenser, loops & I.T.R. If you are getting started, we suggest the 'Secrets Of Invisible Thread Kit'. If you wish to go into further detail, then you may want to add the booklet, or if you're already using threads, then you may require the I.T.R. or Loops. Whatever your requirements of invisible thread, I am sure you'll find something suitable in this section, there are details of each item in the additional information section.
Thread Reference Booklet:- This small paperback is the ideal way to get started with Invisible Thread and its uses. Written by Leo Behnke, it's a great reference for the many uses of Invisible Thread and even includes how to prepare your own Thread.
Mesika Thread:- A dispenser containing 30 feet (9 metre) single length of stronger thread - as used in Spider Pen.
75 feet of Invisible Thread:- Supplied as five individual pieces (each 15 feet, wound separately) and instructions for use. 
I.T.R.:- This is an Invisible Thread Reel, it unwinds and then rewinds the thread. ;Anything using Invisible Thread is by nature delicate and requires patience. If purchasing the I.T.R. we would suggest that you are already established in the use of Threads. 
Spider Thread:- These are replacements for the Spider Pen or Tarantula, ready wound with 40 feet of super fine Invisible Thread.
Loops:- These are the Elastic Loops supplied by Yigal Mesika in packs of 8
We have various invisible threads and tricks using them listed in this section (Loops by Yigal Mesika, ITRs from Sorcery Manufacturing or just plain invisible thread in dispensers). Our most complete set is titled 'Secrets With Invisible Thread Kit' and is the perfect way to get started in using invisible thread. In this set, you are not only supplied with Thread & Wax, but also an instructional download teaching the following magical effects...
Rising Card - cause a spectators card to rise from the deck.
Floating Bill - Cause a borrowed banknote to float in mid air.
Spinning Card - Make a playing card spin through your hands and around your body.
Corked - Float a cork from the top of a bottle to the palm of your hand.
Rising Pen - A pen floats out of a bottle or glass and into your hand.
Crazy Ring - A finger ring spins and floats in mid air.
Invisible Bridge - objects hover above a playing card.
Haunted Deck - A superb version of this classic trick. Whereby, a pack of cards mysteriously cuts itself and the spectator's previously chosen card swings out from the deck - what's more, you don't even touch the pack.
There are various Invisible Threads, we give you the choice of some of them here. You should choose according to your requirements. If you require to float a banknote, then the Floating Bill set would be ideal, with this set you have many pieces of thread, that you simply unpick to use. It's also supplied with some wax and a booklet showing various methods to float a banknote and other tricks. You may prefer a dispenser for the thread, in this case the Mesika Thread in its own dispenser is ideal, It contains a 30 feet (9 metre) single length of stronger thread - as used in the Spider Pen, can be used for the Haunted Deck, Animated Glasses etc.
The 75 feet of Invisible thread is supplied as five individual pieces wound separately and comes with instructions for various floating and animating effects.
Click on 'Watch Video' to see the tricks that are visually explained in this kit
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£8.00 - £17.00
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